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Let's create your story.

Photography has always been something I've loved. I strive to create beautiful images in natural light that my clients will not only love but will display in their homes. I believe that each photo you hang in your home tells a story and I'd love to capture that for you. I want you to be completely satisfied with your experience and love every minute of it.

I want my sessions to be fun and relaxed yet evoking feelings full of emotion, life, and love. My hope is to capture a small part within your story that you will keep and treasure forever.

Thanks for stopping by; I'd love to hang out with you!
So whether you want to book a session, have a question, or just want to chat, feel free to reach out!

Hey there, I'm Molly! I am based in West Michigan, but let's go places!

she chased her dreams until they became her reality.

Other things I love.


Fun fact - I used to hate coffee! I legit only drank the sugar drinks from Biggby that had like no coffee haha. But after working at Biggby, I've now become a coffee "snob". My go to is an iced coffee with a little caramel and soy milk. Try it sometime! ;)


I LOVE traveling! Family vacations are some of my favorite memories! My favorite place I've been so far is probably Yosemite. It's BEAUTIFUL and I want to go back. I only have 13 states left on my list and plan to cross off some more this year!


I've been doing taekwondo for 6 years! I get to do it with my sister which makes it more fun. I am now officially a black belt! My favorite part of class is doing self defense, but I also enjoy doing kicks and forms.


I have 5 sisters (and 3 brothers)! I love all of my siblings, but my sisters are like my built in best friends! Even though we annoy the heck out of each other, I know I would hate life without them. It's like a friendship that will never end because we're stuck for life. :)

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